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Nikolas Burk
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Nikolas is a developer and head of content at Graphcool. He is excited about GraphQL as a new API technology and has a passion for learning and sharing knowledge.

Graphcool Tutorial - Introduction

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how you can use Graphcool to build the backend for a Hackernews clone.

Here’s the list of features the backend will expose:

  • Returning a list of links
  • Providing a filter API so links can be searched
  • Users can authenticate
  • Authenticated users can create new links
  • Authenticated users can vote on links
  • Realtime functionality with GraphQL Subscriptions

What is Graphcool?

Graphcool is a developer platform that combines GraphQL with serverless technologies and to give you everything you need to build highly scalable backends for your applications!

The overarching goal is to provide a new layer of abstraction for backend developers and enable the Serverless GraphQL Backend Architecture.

When using Graphcool for your projects, you’ll get the following benefits:

Learn more about the major features of the Graphcool platform.

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Getting Started

Learn how to build a GraphQL server with Graphcool and best practices for defining and evolving the schema. The Graphcool API is compatible with Relay & Apollo.

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